Bookmark Tweets to Notion by Context (from your Twitter-Timeline)

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You can Bookmark Tweets from Twitter with Context Tags

👇🏻 Reply to any tweet/thread with this simple command to automatically save them into your notion database.

@TnvMadhav save=Notion #yourhashtag

How does this work?

The script/server pull tweets using the mentioned command using Twitter API and saves them into your Notion Page using Notion API.

Do you have to run the server on your Machine?

You can run the provided script in your local machine or anywhere you want to.

Running / Maintaining a server is a lot of work. Any other way?

I maintain a server at , sign up / sign in and provide your notion details. I'll run the code for you 😀

Example: 👇🏻
1. Reply to any tweet like this,

  1. The Tweet Link is automatically added to your notion database


🚀 I hope you use this to sky-rocket your productivity.

🔗 For more details, Check out the guide linked with the template 😬

😡 Current Price is not meaningful? DM me @TnvMadhav & Feedback will be considered.
🙏🏻 Do provide feedback on the setup and integration guide

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Bookmark Tweets to Notion by Context (from your Twitter-Timeline)

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